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Eveling Salazar
A bit about myself

I'm Eveling Salazar 3D Visual Artist and Graphic Designer based in Lima - Peru.
I love to create 3D images with an eye to the future and evoke a sensory experience that allows the exploration of emotions.

Art -Design-Music
I enjoy creating new worlds, elements, and objects that form an alternative reality.
The explore of the unknown through 3D imagery and experimenting with different ideas and techniques.

Art for me is an essential* manifestation. 

Currently 3D Designer at &Walsh.
I have collaborated with Domestika in the creation of an online course on Cinema 4D. I am also part of Skillshare's teaching staff and in collaboration with them I have created different courses, some open to the general public and others focused on creative professionals as part of their specialized catalog for enterprise clients.
I have also collaborated with clients such as Warner Music, Parlophone, Worldskate, Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, Ripley, Camara Nacional de Turismo del Peru.

For commissioned work & Projects get in touch!
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