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All about my process *_________________________________________Creative Process
1. Research       2. Think        3. Design

My process focuses on the balance between design and art.
The starting point to create my projects is the intrinsic motivation: to create because it is important/I like it/it is interesting. I focus on bringing functionality, beauty, and solving a need. Therefore, this knowledge and learning stage of the project is relevant.
Briefing * Learn * Insight

Project goals, target audience, competitors, attributes, and benefits

The pillars of my work are beauty and utility, having a purpose through the combination of design and artistic thinking. My ultimate goal with each project is to arrive at a balanced approach between art and commercial context.
Explore * Define *Visual concepts
It's all about thinking process
Develop through skillsets within the context of art and design 3D pieces that adhere to an aesthetically appealing, distinctive, and memorable.
Development *Testing *Solution
Create and allow attributes to stand out 
I believe in a methodological workflow that takes a sense of value to the process and the end product. Taking the project with an artistic approach from the perspective of three-dimensional design adds a different and distinctive vision.


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